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Our new prayer hat, also know as Kufi, Topi or Taqiyah, are a perfect complementary to all Amir Ldn’s collections.

The Kufi can be used for everyday use or for a special occasion i.e. Family Gatherings, Jummah Prayers, Nikkah Ceremonies, Umrah and Hajj etc

The Kufi has become an important apparel to signify Muslim identity in today’s society, a strong statement which correlates with our brand aim and purpose: “APPEAR MUSLIM, BE PROUD”.

Our prayer hat contain and are made from 90% cotton and 10% acrylic; The acrylic offers softness, warmness, and durability, whereas cotton contributes to the next level's comfort. This is a perfect blend for a more comfortable, warm, and yet light apparel.

The sizing available is only in one standard size.



A mix of cotton, chiffon and rayon.

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Care Instructions

Please wash delicately, preferably low temperature, low spin wash.

No tumble drying.

Handwash for best results.

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