Jamilah Collection


Showcasing our first ever duo djellabas and kaftans from our Jamilah Collection, a piece which is manufactured with a traditional Moroccan technique fitting it with an authentic Moroccan embroidery down the chest both as djellaba and kaftan. 

Our Kaftans are dresses known in the Moroccan culture, a perfect piece which stands out and exudes elegance for special occasions. Our Djellabas are dresses worn in the Moroccan culture for both everyday use and special occasions featuring a hood, a dress adding both a sense of luxury and fashion in your closet. Our pieces are made from crepe material giving it a soft lightweight feel. Each garment is two toned with the materials running vertically between the sfifa (embroidery). These pieces were designed by our team at Amir ldn here in London and Morocco to create The Jamilah Collection.

Please strictly refer to our size chart for sizing

Please be aware that some of our materials (specially lighter/white colours) might have marks from our tailor and are washable.

If you can’t find your size please contact us via info@amirldn.com

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