Pistachio - Amir Ldn
Pistachio - Amir Ldn
Pistachio - Amir Ldn
Pistachio - Amir Ldn


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Azla Collection


Show casing our new pieces from our Azla Collection. This piece is crafted using authentic traditional tailoring in Morocco. The design consists of quarter length sleeves, a relaxed and loose lift with a length that drops to ankle height.

Our original Moroccan material is breathable and sustainable giving it a comfortable lightweight fit. What makes this product different is the use of both hand and machine tailoring to create a high quality product The simplicity of this gandoura stands out due to it’s flawless tailoring and finest material used. At Amir Ldn we only provide prime quality material originating from Morocco.

DISCLAIMER- *Two pockets on each side* & *two tailored slit at the top of the pockets to access undergarments*. The slits are designed to be there, this is not a faulty feature*

When finding the correct product fit please strictly refer to our sizing chart.

Please be aware that some of our materials (specially lighter/white colours) might have marks from our tailor and are washable.

***Hold one end of the tape at your shoulder point and stretch it all the way down to your ankle line.***

Sizing chart

The sizing charts listed below are a basic and simple guide to get the perfect size for you. Depending on the product the measurements may change. We do attach specific charts to each product to make it easy to find your size. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us via our social media platforms or email. 

Please measure yourself from Shoulder to ankle. We use a range of sizing chart to be garment specific and you will find them on the product photos.

***These sizing charts and measurements are originally produced and measured by Amir Ldn staff and tailors, specifically personalised to our requirements*** 

Moroccan Gandoura/Thobes (One piece) size chart


©2022, Amir Ldn

 Moroccan Jabador (Two piece) size chart

©2022, Amir Ldn.

Kids Moroccan Gandoura/Thobes (One piece) size chart

©2023, Amir Ldn.

Please wash delicately, preferably low temperature, low spin wash.

No tumble drying.

Handwash for best results.

A mix of cotton, chiffon and rayon.

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