Azaour Collection


Introducing the debut pieces from our Azaour Collection, meticulously crafted with authentic traditional tailoring techniques from Morocco. This garment features quarter-length sleeves, a relaxed and airy silhouette, extending to ankle length.

Made from our original Moroccan fabric, renowned for its breathability and sustainability, ensuring a comfortable lightweight feel. This material features textured vertical lines.

What sets our product apart is the intricate embroidery adorning the neckline and hems, skilfully crafted using a blend of hand and machine tailoring methods.

For accurate sizing, please refer strictly to our sizing chart.

Please note the fabric used is not the same as our Cabo Negro Collection.

Please note that some of our materials, especially lighter or white shades, may bear marks from our tailor but are washable.

*Only one pocket on the right side* Tailored slit on the left side for easy access to undergarments*.

***Hold one end of the tape at your shoulder point and stretch it all the way down to your ankle line.***

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